2022-2023 Academic Catalog (under review) 
    Jul 07, 2022  
2022-2023 Academic Catalog (under review)

Department of Media and Communication

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Department Chair:  Professor John Sullivan
Professors:  Kahlenberg, McEwan, Pooley, Sullivan, Tafler, Taub-Pervizpour
Associate Professors:  Corbin, Nathanson
Assistant Professors:  Chien, Ranieri, Romberg
Lecturer:  BuozisMeek, Vigneri

The Media and Communication major provides a systematic scholarly approach to the analysis of media and society.  Knowledge of how media and media industries function is essential for responsible citizen participation in a democratic society.  Courses in the major provide students with conceptual and analytic tools to assess the social impacts of media as well as to explore media production as a form of creative expression and critical civic engagement.  All courses are informed by concerns for the value-related issues and controversies raised by media practices.  The major prepares students for graduate study and provides education for careers in digital media, journalism, broadcast media, publishing, advertising, public relations, political advocacy, media law, teaching, film, video, and new media production.  An optional internship permits students to explore the relevance of their studies to communication practices in a professional setting.

Special Programs

The Dublin Program

The Media and Communication Department offers a spring semester study abroad experience at Dublin City University (DCU) located in Dublin, Republic of Ireland.  This study abroad program is especially designed for students majoring in Media and Communication and Film Studies, though it is open to all college students meeting the program prerequisites.  All coursework is offered in the School of Communications at DCU.  A member of the Muhlenberg Media and Communication faculty travels with students to Dublin for the semester.  While at DCU, students enroll in 4 courses: The Dublin Seminar, a course in an accelerated format taught by the Muhlenberg faculty member; two Media and Communication electives taught by faculty at DCU; and an internship in a communication related field.

Students participating in the Dublin Program must have completed the following prerequisites: COM 201 - Media & Society  and COM 231 - Documentary Research .  Although it is not required, students are strongly encouraged to complete COM 301 - Media Theory & Methods  prior to their study in Dublin.  Interested students should contact the Department Chair regarding application procedures and deadlines.

Honors Program

The Honors Program is a two-semester sequence that allows qualified students the opportunity to enrich their experiences in communication theory, history, and practice.  Honors students must participate in  COM 470 - Media & Communication Honors Seminar  in the fall semester and produce an original research or production project.  In the spring of their senior year, Honors students enroll in a second seminar with the Honors Director to continue work on their project, which culminates in an oral defense with a faculty committee.  They will also have opportunities to participate in a program of periodic lectures and field trips.  To qualify, students must maintain at least a 3.70 grade point average in the major and a 3.60 grade point average overall.  Participation in the Honors Program is not automatic; qualified students must prepare a written application.  Applications and nominations are subject to faculty review.  Interested students should contact Dr. Irene Chen, Honors Program Director, regarding application procedure and deadlines.




      Media and Communication RequiredDiscovery

      These introductory courses emphasize the breadth of media and communication.  They provide an overview of different sub-specializations within the field.


      These courses use media and communication theories and methodologies to provide in-depth exploration of significant media and communication institutions, traditions, or cultural forms.


      These courses provide students with opportunities to become producers, not merely consumers, of print, video, digital, and audio information.  Each course gives students in-depth opportunities to put theory into practice in research, writing, or digital media production.

      Individualized InstructionCUE Courses

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