2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
    Jun 13, 2024  
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Education

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Department Chair:  Professor Pearl Rosenberg
Professors:  Carbone, Ramsay
Assistant Professor:  Emerick
Coordinator of Professional Programs and Senior Lecturer:  Kim
Director of Student Teaching Programs and Lecturer:  Rohrbach
Director of Fieldwork Programs and Senior Lecturer:  Richwine
Student Teacher Supervisors:  Heavener, Kinney, Marks

Muhlenberg College provides programs leading to certification for teaching in Pre K-4, 4-8, and secondary (7-12).  In all cases, the student is required to complete a subject major in addition to the requirements of the certification program.  The College’s teacher certification programs are approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  Muhlenberg offers programs leading to secondary certification in biology, chemistry, English, French, Spanish, mathematics, physics, and social studies.  4-8 certification is available in mathematics, English, and social studies.  Details regarding specific requirements are available from the Education Department.  Students in these programs have at least two faculty advisors: a member of the department offering the subject major and a member of the Education Department.  The Education Department sets standards for and supervises all pre-professional aspects of the program.  Its policies are clearly outlined in the Education Department Handbook, published every year.  All students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with this document and following its procedures and guidelines.

The aim of the department is to provide a curriculum leading to teacher certification and professional competence.  In order that the student may pursue these programs in the best possible sequence and meet the Pennsylvania certification requirements, it is important that he or she have a personal conference with an advisor in the Education Department early in the first semester; otherwise, there may be some difficulty in completing a certification program within eight semesters.  Students wishing to take courses beyond EDU 101 - History & Politics of American Education  must apply for provisional admission to the teacher certification program.

Program Admission

In order to be formally admitted to and continue in the teacher certification program applicants must have a minimum 3.000 cumulative grade point average.  Formal admission to a teacher certification program also requires the completion of 12 course units, two of which must be college level mathematics courses and one of which must be either an American or British literature course.  As well, the student must pass or have earned exemption from the first three state mandated pre-professional tests by the end of the sophomore year.  Prior to formal admission to the teacher certification program, a student may be provisionally admitted as early as the first year.  In addition to the overall GPA of at least 3.000, admission to student teaching requires a minimum 2.500 grade point average in the major* and a minimum 2.750 grade point average in all education courses.

* Students with a major in language must have a minimum 3.000 grade point average in the major for admission to the professional semester.

Program Requirements

Please note that most requirements for teacher certification are set by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and are subject to change.




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