2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
    Jun 13, 2024  
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Art

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Department Chair:  Dr. Margo Hobbs, Professor of Art
Professor:  Barnes, Hobbs
Associate Professor: Orzech
Assistant Professors:  Jones, Sifford
Senior Lecturer:  Tuttle

The Department of Art provides pathways for students to explore art, visual creativity, and their history within the liberal arts tradition.  The department offers majors and minors in Art History and Studio Art.  Its goals are to provide students with a fundamental understanding of art in a cultural context, to introduce them to the rudiments of visual language, to develop and strengthen their technical skills, and to acquaint them with the challenges facing artists in contemporary society.  The curriculum is designed to prepare students to meet the entrance requirements of graduate programs in art history, studio art, art education, and related fields, and to prepare students for lives as arts professionals.  All art majors are encouraged to participate in activities in the visual arts taking place in the local region, in particular the exhibitions held at the Martin Art Gallery, the Allentown Art Museum, and in New York and Philadelphia.

Art History

The curriculum of the art history program is designed to prepare students to describe, analyze, and interpret visual art in light of social, political, religious, racial, economic, and aesthetic issues, and to understand the fundamental methodological issues of the field.  Art history classes include both general historical surveys and in-depth analyses of particular periods.  The art history major consists of two introductory art history courses and seven additional courses.  The majority of advanced art history courses are offered on a three-year rotating schedule.  Art history majors may undertake an internship in museum or gallery studies or an independent study in research methods or intensive reading.

Studio Art

The curriculum of the studio art program is designed to develop proficiency in observational drawing and proficiency in one medium resulting from concentrated study, knowledge of the history of visual conventions and issues of this medium and of studio art in general, an ability to articulate these visual issues, and to produce independent work that is informed by a broad knowledge of visual media.

Studio art classes explore the central problems of direct observation of nature and are designed to develop a personal vocabulary, creative problem-solving, and a sensitivity to the visual world.  The studio art major consists of ten courses; the studio art minor consists of five courses.  Studio majors may concentrate on any of the following media: painting, printmaking, drawing, sculpture, or photography.  ARS 401 - CUE: Senior Studio Seminar: Portfolio Development  is taught each fall as a culminating studio experience that introduces studio majors to aspects of the professional art world.  ARS 405 - Senior Studio Seminar: Thesis Exhibition  is available to highly motivated students.  Student internships are available for those who wish to acquire experience in the professional art world.

Studio Art Honors Program

Selected Studio seniors are invited to enroll in ARS 405 - Senior Studio Seminar: Thesis Exhibition  during the spring semester.  Students enrolled in this course are invited to submit an application to the faculty for honors designation.  Departmental Honors in Studio Art will be granted to majors who have met the following conditions:

  • The candidate has earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.200
  • The candidate has met the expectations of ARS 401 - CUE: Senior Studio Seminar: Portfolio Development  and ARS 405 - Senior Studio Seminar: Thesis Exhibition .  These expectations will be clearly established by faculty members participating in the seminar sequence.
  • The candidate has successfully participated in the Senior Art Exhibit, and the faculty has juried the exhibited work to be of superior quality.  The faculty will jury the work based on concept, research and preparation, technical execution, and presentation.




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