Apr 25, 2018  
2017-2018 Academic Catalog 
2017-2018 Academic Catalog

Department of Chemistry

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Department Chair:  Dr. Christine Ingersoll
Professors:  Anderson, Baar, Kelsey
Associate Professors:  Colabroy, Keane
Assistant Professors:  Sparks, Young
Visiting Assistant Professor:  Gooch
Lecturers:  Gannon, Herrera

The major program in chemistry provides a curriculum that accommodates and encourages students with various interests.  The major program is organized around a required core of courses in the traditional areas of chemistry.  Each course in the core curriculum involves a laboratory component that promotes (1) hands-on knowledge of scientific experimentation, (2) the capacity to interpret experimental data, (3) an ability to analyze data statistically, and (4) the skill to communicate results.  The major also includes elective courses which broaden students’ exposure to related areas of science.  The chemistry department is accredited by the American Chemical Society.

Special Programs

Students planning to pursue graduate studies in chemistry or employment in a research position with a chemical or pharmaceutical firm will need to take the General Physics I, II sequence listed as electives.  Individuals planning to pursue graduate studies are strongly advised to complete additional advanced courses in the sciences and math.  To achieve ACS certification students will need to complete additional courses beyond those required.

Students who wish to combine a chemistry major with other programs of study and who may be interested in pursuing careers in areas where a chemistry background may be useful, such as government service, law, sales, library science, or technical writing, should consult with their chemistry advisor when choosing electives.

Students interested in the health professions should consult with the health professions office.  Candidates for teacher certification should consult with the Education Department at Muhlenberg College.

Honors Program

Students who wish to receive honors in chemistry must announce their intention prior to the senior year and must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. The candidate must attain a minimum gpa of 3.30 in all chemistry courses.
  2. The candidate must submit an independent study/research paper no later than April 15 of the senior year.  This paper must be based on a minimum of one course unit of research and must be approved by the Muhlenberg College faculty member who is directing his/her research.
  3. The candidate must roster and complete CHM 090 and 490 - CUE: Chemistry Capstone Seminar .
  4. The candidate must pass an oral examination conducted by members of the Chemistry department.





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