THR 150 - Introduction to the Art of Acting

Course unit(s): 1
Meets GAR: Meets general academic requirement AR.
A survey of acting theories and practice culminating in the rehearsal and performance of scenework.  The course is designed for non-majors and those who plan to major in theatre but have limited previous acting training.  The first part of the semester will examine a variety of approaches to the art of acting, including those of Stanislavski, Artaud, Brecht, the Elizabethans, and one or more non-European traditions.  Students will be asked to consider the basic assumptions about the nature and function of theatre implied by each approach.  The balance of the work will consist of exercises to explore the intentional and communicative nature of concentration, introductory Meisner technique, improvisation, and the acquisition of a basic acting vocabulary.  To gain a practical understanding of the preparatory work, each student, with one or more partners, will rehearse and perform a scene from the modern American theatre. Meets four hours per week.

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