PSC 490 - CUE: Senior Capstone Seminar

Course unit(s): 1
Prerequisite(s): Senior standing,  PSC 101 Introduction to American National Government PSC 103 Introduction to Comparative Politics & International Relations PSC 201 Political Ideologies PSC 301 Political Science Research Methods , and at least one course (preferably two) at the 300 level in Political Science.
The CUE: Senior Capstone Seminar provides an in-depth examination of questions central to contemporary research and scholarship in Political Science.  Students will examine seminal works that have significantly contributed to the field, explore contemporary theories and concepts on issues such as power, ideology, globalization, and citizenship, and develop the analytical tools of the discipline needed for advanced studies.  In addition, the seminar positions students to synthesize the full range of their curricular experiences as Political Science majors and to make meaningful connections to the contemporary political world.  Required of all majors; encouraged for minors.
Must be completed during the senior year.

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