EDU 346 - Science Education for Adolescent Learners

Course unit(s): 1
Prerequisite(s): EDU 206 - Integrating Curriculum & Instruction for Adolescent Learners  and formal admission to the Education Certification Program.
This course will enable the student to develop a professional practice as a science educator based on the best current knowledge about how adolescents learn science, the nature of science, and research-based methods of science teaching.  Emphasis will be placed on incorporating inquiry oriented pedagogical strategies that encourage student-generated scientific questions; developing basic and integrated process skills to answer scientific questions; building an understanding of the nature of science; creating curricula, materials, and resources for instruction in diverse classrooms, devising hands-on experiences with scientific questions and phenomena, focusing on collecting and interpreting authentic data, and using assessment in the service of instruction, all within the framework of the PA Academic Standards for Science and Technology and for Environment and Ecology.  Fieldwork is required.

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