EDU 330 - Social Studies Education for Adolescent Learners

Course unit(s): 1
Prerequisite(s): EDU 206 - Integrating Curriculum & Instruction for Adolescent Learners  and formal admission to the Education Certification Program.
This course presents the history and development of social studies in middle and high schools.  It provides both an historical and political context to study the best teaching practices in the disciplines at the heart of social studies:  American and Pennsylvania history, world history, civics, economics, and geography.  With a focus on state and national standards in these disciplines, including the themes from the National Council for the Social Studies, students will develop lesson plans, instructional strategies, and assessments for diverse learners and will learn to supplement the textbook with primary sources, newspapers, websites, and curricula developed by professional national organizations.  Relevant to content certification.  Fieldwork is required.

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