EDU 106, 107 - Educational Psychology: Adolescent Learning & Development

Course unit(s): 1
Meets GAR: Meets general academic requirement SL (and W when offered as 107).
Prerequisite(s): Provisional admission to the program or permission of the instructor.
This course reflects knowledge derived from theory, research, and professional practice as it covers cognitive, social, and personal development and the psychology of teaching and learning.  We will use our classroom as an "experiment" in methods of teaching, learning, and educating ourselves about the sociopolitical contexts for development and learning in American classrooms.  The focus of this course is on the developmental changes and challenges that occur approaching and during the adolescent years.  We will explore both what is understood as "typical" adolescent development as well as the ways in which individual adolescent experience may be unique.  We will view the adolescent in a range of social contexts (e.g., family, peer group, school, culture) as we consider how issues of diversity (i.e., race, culture, class, gender, sexual identity) impact learning and development.  Fieldwork is required.

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