EDU 206 - Integrating Curriculum & Instruction for Adolescent Learners

Course unit(s): 1
Prerequisite(s): EDU 106, 107 - Educational Psychology: Adolescent Learning & Development  and provisional admission to the program.
This course focuses on understanding educational research, theory, and reflective practice in planning for and implementing content- and age-appropriate instructional strategies resulting in the effective teaching of diverse adolescent learners (ages 9-18).  This includes an investigation of a range of the essential teaching skills, including the planning, implementation, and adaptation of meaningful instruction and the development of a supportive learning environment.  Students are introduced to a broad range of research-based teaching methodologies, classroom management strategies, and fair assessment techniques.  Focusing on the conceptual understanding of big ideas, students will use national, state, and district standards to plan, implement, and adapt lessons and units in their content areas.  Fieldwork is required.

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